Benjamin DeCasseres
De Zayas, Marius, b.1880-1961
Camera Work XXIX, 1910
20.3 x 16 cm

If you’ve found yourself here, presumably you were searching for information on Benjamin DeCasseres. As I find more information, I will be adding it as a research as time permits. There is not a proper biography of DeCasseres, and the few article-length ones that exist seem to leave out important details.

This site’s main goal is to produce and make available a comprehensive bibliography of the works of DeCasseres. This will not only include his books, but his magazine articles and newspaper work as well, though the latter two will be the most difficult and voluminous.

You’ll find information in various states of completion. Some of it will be unintentionally false, as I’m working from a number of primary and secondary sources to collect this data.

Various bits of information will be posted on the “Blog” page, when they don’t fit elsewhere.

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  1. Dans ses lettres à Guillaume Apollinaire, de janvier 1913 à juillet 1914, Benjamin de Casseres donne comme adresse : II West 39th street, New York

  2. Hi –
    Have you seen a copy of “The Unpublished Books of Benjamin De Casseres”? This is described in James N. Hall’s “James Branch Cabell: A Complete Bibliography” (1974, p129) as an 8 page pamphlet self-published in 1921. The Cabell connection is that BDC there quotes from a letter where Cabell expresses an interest in seeing these books published. As Hall points out, an excerpt from this quotation is used on the jacket for “Chameleon” (1922). I do not find “Unpublished Books” listed in WorldCat, nor is it found in Cabell’s own library which is held at Virginia Commonwealth University. Thanks

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