Below is a table featuring the known poetry of Benjamin DeCasseres. It is a work in progress. Most of these have been published in IMP, though quite a few have been discovered since the publication and will be collected for a revised and expanded edition.


"Progress" Quill 6/1/1919 1919 (First line)
Apologia Pro Vita Souse Buffalo NY Evening News 1920
Arise Ye Dead! Evening Public Ledger 7/18/1918 1918
Birth of a Sword Buffalo NY Evening News 1916
Chant of Man: 1917 Washington Times 5/24/1917 1917
Dawn Quill 6/1/1919 1919
Fantasie Quill
Fifty! Life v67n1754
Hold Yet a Little While! The Daily Ardmorite 11/13/1917 1917 Torn and bleeding and battered
Imagination Arizona Republican 1/19/1917 1917
It Quill
Letter-Boxes Life v70n1810
March Winds Washington Times 3/11/1917 1917
Marche Funebre Quill
Motre Seigneur Quill Jine 1919 1919
My Golden Age Washington Times 2/6/1917 1917
New York Quill
Sea-Mania Quill 6/1/1919 1919
Sleep Life v69n1793
Smiles and a Query Washington Times 6/22/1917 1917
Sub Specie Eternitatis Washington Times 6/7/1917 1917
The Ball Game New York Tribune 9/2/1918 1918
The Eter-Null Quill 6/1/1919 1919
The Eternal Avatar Washington Times 5/10/1920 1920
The Haunted House Others May-June 1916 My brain is like a tropical forest, dark and sinister,
The Humorist Quill 6/1/1919 1919 And the Great Secret stood before me nude and said:
The Muses of the Moment Quill 6/1/1919 1919
The Poet and the Hooligans Buffalo NY Evening News 1921
The Poet-Burglar Washington Times 6/13/1917 1917
The Sea Sun 1/25/1920 1920
The Soul of It All Washington Times 6/7/1917 1917
The Undying Flame Madison County Times
The Wisdom of Gautama Cortland NY Standard
Threshold Sun 1/11/1920 1920
To Benj. DeC From Ern. M. Hunt Quill
Verse Libre Quill
Vicariously Quill
Vision Quill
Wind Life v74n1919
Solitude The Papyrus 10/1/1911 1911 Friends, come sit beside me that I may feel the mighty distance between us.
Strayling The International A tiny hair on my overcoat, coming from whence I know not,
West Point The International Gray and white automatons in the summer sunshine,
Revelation The International Days when Nothing happens,
Late Autumn The International Falling leaves sighing like dying fairies,
An Incident The International Builded of prisms, old gold and green, the Temple of Paphos rose in the depths of the wine,
In the Slums The International Downtown, in the poorer quarters of my soul, in the slums of myself, I saw and heard this thing:
My Lamp The International The twilight blots out the sunbeams one by one on the wall above my lamp,
Bio The International I, a soldier of dreams, came to the fortress of my Ideal.
The Vampire The Quill Vampire of the Beautiful,
Credo for Eunuch-Pacifists The Quill Grip the fiery Dream!
Anarch The Quill The Fiery Wing of Prodigious Hate cleaves Wall and Roof and Heaven,
Ave, Zarathustra The Quill The Dancer on the Crumbling Edge
Codpiece Chiron the Centaur I dance with the Ultimate,
D'Annunzio Flying Titan of earth and air,
Peter Pan Life “PETER PAN: Children’s Matinee To-day.”
"Let Us Have Peace" The Sunset massed its bleeding swords against the marble turrets of the Tomb
Foch! And in my vision I saw Sainte Jeanne of Domremy arise
The Lady of the Hour She lifted her veils and said:
Prayer Cosmopolitan All rational pleasure is prayer; all sincere work and effort are prayers
The Pacisifst's Breviary If a fire breaks out in your house speak to it gently.
The Protagonist The Shadow-Eater
Tantara! Tantaro! The Shadow-Eater
The Tongueless One The Shadow-Eater
The Shrine In The Mist The Shadow-Eater
My Comic Perspective The Shadow-Eater
The Peeper The Shadow-Eater
The-Circle-That-Looks-Like-A-Line The Shadow-Eater
My Divine Hate The Shadow-Eater
The Rotted Ideal The Shadow-Eater
The Vision Malefic The Shadow-Eater
Dying The Shadow-Eater
The Dead Who Live The Shadow-Eater
Exvolved The Shadow-Eater
The God Of Negation The Shadow-Eater
Godward The Shadow-Eater
Beyond Sense The Shadow-Eater
The Cynic Of Nazareth The Shadow-Eater
De Profundis The Shadow-Eater
On A Marriage The Shadow-Eater
The Syncopated Spinner The Shadow-Eater
Love And Sleep The Shadow-Eater
The Watcher The Shadow-Eater
Face To Face The Shadow-Eater
My Shadows The Shadow-Eater
The Vigil The Shadow-Eater
The Closed Room The Shadow-Eater
Half-Seen The Shadow-Eater
The Long Vigil The Shadow-Eater
Prophetic The Shadow-Eater
Resurrection Night The Shadow-Eater
Bird Of The Night The Shadow-Eater
The Cleft In The Wall The Shadow-Eater
The Truant The Shadow-Eater
Change And An Ending The Shadow-Eater
The Quest In The Flesh The Shadow-Eater
In The Adytum The Shadow-Eater
The Way Out: Bio The Shadow-Eater
Moth-Terror The Shadow-Eater
My Holy Lust The Shadow-Eater
The Overone The Shadow-Eater
The Ultimate The Shadow-Eater
The Sleeper The Shadow-Eater
The Alleys Of Eld The Shadow-Eater
Love The Destroyer The Shadow-Eater
Rejection The Shadow-Eater
The Spear Of The Great Spurning The Shadow-Eater
The Overlord Black Suns
Walter Black Suns
The Decoy Black Suns
The Haunted House Black Suns
March Funebre (2) Black Suns
Chimeras Black Suns
Magical Night Black Suns
Fantasia Black Suns
In The Backyard Of Life Black Suns
Man Black Suns
Shelley Black Suns
Imagination Black Suns
Keats Black Suns
Facts Black Suns
The Tragic Bluffer Black Suns
The Humorist Black Suns
Dawn Black Suns
Sleep Black Suns
The Pickpocket Black Suns
Vers Libre Black Suns
A Son Of God Black Suns
The Ideal Black Suns
Miracles Black Suns
Sea-Mania Black Suns
Strayling Black Suns
Ave, Zarathustra! Black Suns
The Thief Black Suns
Swinburne Black Suns
The Vat Black Suns
Salutation Black Suns
Ingression Black Suns
Minutes Masque of the Minutes Monumental, immemorial Minutes!
A Pilgrim Minute Masque of the Minutes I am a Pilgrim Minute,
A Frozen Minute Masque of the Minutes I am Reason,
A Desolate Minute Masque of the Minutes I was once a fly
A Black Minute Masque of the Minutes I am Ennui,
A Brazen Minute Masque of the Minutes I am Curiosity,
A Gray Minute Masque of the Minutes I am Fatigue,
An Ironic Minute Masque of the Minutes I am the last minute that lived
A Murderous Minute Masque of the Minutes I am the brigand
An Arcless Minute Masque of the Minutes I am the Will-to-Immobility,
A Mystic Minute Masque of the Minutes I am a diver
A Nameless Minute Masque of the Minutes The brain is a carcass
An Anarch Minute Masque of the Minutes I hung upon the granite walls of the
An Eternal Minute Masque of the Minutes Like a giant glow-worm,
A Passionate Minute Masque of the Minutes The veil of the senses
A Spectral Minute Masque of the Minutes I crossed the threshold of the
A Narcotic Minute Masque of the Minutes I am the bloodshot eye
A Twin-Born Minute Masque of the Minutes I am Beauty-and-Death,
A Hypocrite Minute Masque of the Minutes I am the triumphant Archangel
A Cowled Minute Masque of the Minutes At the feast of the Furies
A Philosophic Minute Masque of the Minutes Pale,
A Static Minute Masque of the Minutes I am a Static Minute,
A Super-Minute Masque of the Minutes Death can waive me,
The Final Minute Masque of the Minutes Final Minute,
Anathema! Litanies of Negation I will break every web that is woven and spin my light and my night over the universe.
Resolved The Sublime Boy I would not have him back.
Uprendered The Sublime Boy He is the slab of light across my door,
Unwithered The Sublime Boy She sepulchred his soul in soft, lascivious flesh,
Waiting The Sublime Boy You are not buried where your body lies,
Pre-Destined The Sublime Boy With eye that cleft the many-colored Lure
Home The Sublime Boy No more the fallacies of flesh,
Immune The Sublime Boy He stands a carven image in my brain, the great
The Presence: Hymn of a Nihilist to OBLIVION FINIS Being is Thy Space, Will is Thy Time, and all matter and mind is but an atom in the iris of Thy luminous eye, O Presence!

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