Love Letters of a Living Poet

Publisher: Ray Long & Richard R. Smith
Year: 1931
Pages: 234


Love Letters of a Living Poet

Here is the amazing and unusual story of a romance that defied sixteen years of time, three thousand miles of space, and fate in form of a husband. The same qualities of deep human understanding, sympathy and idealized beauty which permeate all living and enduring poetry are the foundations upon which these letters rest.

A passion growing everyday more lovely, a devotion unfaltering in its outpourings and an all encompassing love, burn steadily through the years.

And now, twelve years after the lovers were at last united, and while their life together is still the wonder of their friends, their story is here presented in their letters to each other during a courtship so unprecedented and romantic as to appear almost incredible in this age.


We humans play the buffoon to two absolute monarchs – Love and Death.