Bio of Spinoza Owned by DeCasseres

Up for auction is the FIRST EDITION of a work published on the 250th anniversary of the death of the 17th century Jewish-Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza, entitled THE OLDEST BIOGRAPHY OF SPINOZA edited with Translation, Introduction, Annotations, Etc., by A. Wolf. Published by Lincoln MacVeagh at the Dial Press in New York in 1927. The work contains both the French and English translations of THE LIFE OF THE LATE MR. DE SPINOSA, an early 18th century work of uncertain authorship, begun just after the death of the philosopher. 196 pages. Includes photographic illustrations of the manuscript, the house in which Spinoza died, and much more. Book bound in original navy blue cloth with gilt-stamped title on spine. Book in GOOD condition, but appears to be missing frontispiece of Spinoza. A former owner has underlined some passages in pencil, and there is a bit of occasional smudging from that. Book used to belong to Benjamin de Casseres, a prolific author and journalist of the early 20th century; his signature is on the flyleaf. A solid copy. Good luck!


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