Ben DeC – Actor?

It seems that Benjamin DeCasseres was on the silver screen! It also seems that it’s one of the lost films of the silent era as well… the magazine “The Fourth Estate” of November 4th, 1922, reports on DeC getting the offer to play the role of a newspaper editor in the movie “Anna Ascends”.

From Wikipedia:
Anna Ascends is a 1922 American silent romantic drama film directed by Victor Fleming, and based on the play of the same title by Henry Chapman Ford. Alice Brady reprises her starring role from the 1920 Broadway play of the same name. The film is largely lost, with only a six-minute fragment still in existence.”

The website SilentEra has a small still from the film:
AnnaAscends1922-01Could that be DeC all the way in the back by the candlesticks? It looks like his hair…

Either way, here is the article:
Fourth Estate

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