Short biography of DeC’s love “Bio”…

From “Biography of the Mack Families as Compiled by Marguerite Olds Year of 1968”, the accuracy of it has not been verified, though there are some obvious errors at least typographically):

“Adella Mary Terrill was born on May 4, 1875 at Mankato, Blue Earth Reservation, Minnesota. She received her elementary education in Mankato, and went with her sister Sadie to Pueblo, Colorado to help her stepsister Matilda Provost in running her rooming house and dining room. Here she met Harry C. Homes her first husband with whom she lived for many hears in Tonepah, Nevada. Harry Jones was both a writer and a promoter and it was on one of his business trips to New York to obtain financing for a silver mine promotion that Adella met Benjamin DeCasseres which
caused the start of many letters passing between them, and finally caused the divorce of Harry Jones and Adella. It was fourteen years that they sent love letters to each other but did now see one another. Adella was a selfish but loveable woman.

In one of her letters to her sister, she said that she had no more love now for her mother than she had when a child. Just a kindly feeling toward her. She said that
her mother had no conception of truth or of beauty of the lofty things that dwell deep with you. This letter was written in 1906. She was left alone much of the time during her marriage with Harry Jones, and she vented some of her feelings in her letters to Benjamin DeCasseres. Mr. Jones finally gave her up in 1919, when Adella received her divorce from him. She made life miserable for Harry, as she was so in love Benjamin. In one of her letters from Harry before the divorce, he spoke of being very sad, but if she really wanted a divorce he would give her permission to get it, which
she did immediately.

She married Benjamin DeCasseres, who was born on April 3, 1873 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was educated in the public schools there. He left school at the age of thirteen to work on the Philadelphia newspapers. He became a poet, and author, a columnist, and an editorial writer for the Mirror in the years between 1892 and 1899, when he went to New York to work for the New York Sun, and four years
later with the Herald. He contributed to the Cosmopolitan, Metropolitan, Life, Judge, American, Mercury, and many others. He became a noted dramatic critic and his writings appeared in Arts and Decorations and the Motion Picture Herald and
Screenland. He also was on the editorial staff from 1919 to 1923 of Famous Player, Loskey, and Universal Pictures. He died on September 7, 1945, and Adelle (Bio, the nickname that Benjamin gave her) died in 1964 in Tucson, Arizona, where had moved to at the death of her husband. Adelle willed all of her personal and household affects to the Rockton Township Historical Society to be used to the best of their advantage. As far as we know, Adelle had no children by either of her husbands.”

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